13th December, 2005

Tea and ovarian cancer:

A study by Swedish researchers published in The Archives of Internal Medicine suggested drinking two cups of tea a day appears to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer sharply. 61,000 women participated in the test from 1987 to 2004. The findings suggest  women who drank more tea had a lower risk compared with women who rarely, or never, drank tea. Those who drank a cup or less a day had an 19 percent lower risk; those who drank one cup per day had a 24 percent lower risk; those who drank two or more cups had a 46 percent lower risk.

The researcher who led the study commented that most tea consumed in Sweden was black tea, but she noted green tea may also be beneficial. The authors say the antioxidants in tea may explain the benefit. For the full article, please follow this link

Bakalar, N., “Risk Reduction: A spot of tea may lower ovarian cancer risk”, The New York Times, 13, Dec, 2005

3rd September, 2005

Green Tea is Trendy!

Green tea is Trendy! The much beloved beverage of the Chinese for over 4000 years is getting endorsement from stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez.

The sales of green tea have risen by 50 percent in the past two years, at a time when sales of traditional black leaves are falling. In an article at Independent Online, the executive director of Tea Council was reported as saying: “People are very interested in green tea. I think partly because they want to be healthy and have taken on the messages about drinking lots of water, but have got bored with just buying bottled water that has no real taste to it. Green tea is a tastier way to take in lots of water, but has added health benefits.”

The article also referred to a recent study that stated that drinking two cups a day was equivalent in antioxidants to five portions of fruit and vegetables. Other studies have also found green tea can help with weight loss. Scientists also believe that a plant based substance called catechin, contained in green tea, may stimulate the body to burn calories. Green tea also contains natural antihistamines, which prevent the swelling and irritation associated with prickly heat.

For the full article, please follow this link.

Frith, M., “Green tea (without the biscuits) can aid dieting”, The Independent Online, 3, Sep 2005