Prepare the Perfect Cup of Tea

The methods of preparation for Chinese tea are as diverse as the people of China. So we will list some general guidelines on how to prepare Chinese tea:


Like any organic substance tea is sensitive to temperature. Many beneficial substances will break down when exposed to high temperatures (link to benefits of tea). Also the wrong temperature will spoil the taste of the tea. Incorrect temperature is one of the most common causes of the bitterness of tea. White and green teas are a lot more sensitive to temperature, followed by Woolong then black tea.

                Tea Type                             Temperature

                White, Green                       80 – 85c

                Woolong                              95c

                Black                                    97.5c

Leaf and water ratio

In general, 2 to 3g of tea leaf per person is sufficient. 200mls of water per portion is ideal.

The process

Set out the right amount of tea leaf per person and prepare the water. When the water is ready, quickly rinse the tea leaf and the tea ware with hot water and discard it, this provides better temperature control. Also clean out any dust that might have settled on the teaware and tea leaves. Then pour just enough water into the container so the tea leaves are fully submerged. Gently shake the container side to side for 1 minute to aid the infusion process. Then fill the container up to the desired level and infuse for a further 2 minutes.

Now your perfect cup is ready. So relax, breath in the aroma and enjoy the most popular beverage in the world.