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Welcome to Chinese Tea Garden

Fine blooming tea, white jasmine flowers above a base of radiating whole tea leaves

Welcome to the website of the UK's premier distributor of Chinese Green Tea. We carry only the highest connoisseur grade teas imported directly from the producers in mainland China.

China is often called the “birthplace of tea”, accounting for over 18% of global tea exports and over 70% of green tea exports. 1,431,300 hectares of tea plantations[1] help to keep up with rising demand both in China and abroad. Chinese tea is an integral part of everyday living in China with over 900 varieties which are seen as symbols of purity and health.  Tea drinking is part of a daily ritual of the Chinese for both pleasure and health, acknowledged by an old Chinese proverb "飲食同療", which can be translated as “nutrition and medicine are one and the same”. 

Chinese Tea Garden was founded by a group of tea lovers, born out of one of our greatest frustrations: the lack of authentic, high quality Chinese green tea and white tea in the UK. Most of the green tea that we have sourced locally is low quality and doesn't have the pure taste of high quality teas found in China. Our aim is to make available to you the high quality teas that we drink ourselves.

As our “Tea club” grows, we hope to expand our product range so please visit our website frequently to discover many more treasures from China.


[1]”Teas from China”, United Kingdom Tea Council, http://www.tea.co.uk/index.php?pgId=77, Dec, 2007.